Local Government Finding Aids

Finding Aids (in alphabetical order)

Cincinnati. Annexations
Records,1826-1957, regarding annexation of neighborhoods and surrounding communities as part of Cincinnati. Includes annexation plans and minutes of community councils.
Finding Aid.: ON-96-1.

Cincinnati. City Planning Commission
Miscellaneous records of the City of Cincinnati Planning Commission, 1922-1975
Finding Aid: ON-87-02

Cincinnati. Correctional Institute (Workhouse)
Jail registers, 1877-1945.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-88-1.

Cincinnati. Engineer (Cincinnati Subway and Street Improvements)
Records, 1851-1957, of the city engineer's office, including files of the Rapid Transit Commission, the subway project, and records of street improvements; photographs, blueprints, minutes, reports, studies, and correspondence.
Finding Aid: ON-87-3
Digital Collection
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Cincinnati Department of Health. Birth and Death

Records, 1865-1908, of births and deaths that took place within the city limits at the time of the event.
Finding Aid:  ON-78-02
Digital Collection

Cincinnati House of Refuge
Records consisting of 5 volumes and including the Record of Commitments (1869-1882, 1891-1902), an index, financial records and payroll records.
Finding Aid: ON-75-24.
Digital Collection

Cincinnati. Neighborhood Housing and Conservation.
Records, 1978, of Project SNAP of the Department of Neighborhood Housing and Conservation, including information on grants.
Finding Aid: ON-85-1.

Cincinnati. Park Board.
Records, 1863-1992, including correspondence, annual reports, nature books, photographs, minutes of meetings, studies, scrapbooks, and financial information.
Finding Aids:  ON-92-18, ON-94-01,ON-95-03, ON-03-01, ON-92-18, ON-94-02, ON-94-03, ON-01-11

Cincinnati. Public Utilities.
Records, 1957-1992, including studies, reports, newsclippings and files of the Public Utilities Department and city properties.
Finding aid available at ARB
Accession No.: ON-93-3.

Cincinnati. Public Works.
Records, 1811-1956, including minutes and reports. See also: Cincinnati. Engineer.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-83-1.

Forest Park (Hamilton County Ohio). City Council.
Records, 1961-1992, including election issues, articles of incorporation, history, oaths, council minutes, zoning records, marriage certificates, deeds and annexation papers of Forest Park, Ohio.
Accession Nos.: ON-92-20, ON-92-22.

Hamilton County (Ohio).
Soldiers and Sailors Discharge Book, World War I for Hamilton County residents.
Accession No.: ON-91-5.

Hamilton County (Ohio).
Civil War exemptions, 1862, including bonds, age exemptions, travel passes, and physical disability exemptions for Hamilton County residents.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-85-21.

Hamilton County (Ohio). Commission.
Minute books, 1883-1963, of the board of county commissioners.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-87-12.

Hamilton County (Ohio). Court of Common Pleas.
Records, 1937-1960, of criminal trials for murder cases: Edythe Margaret Klumpp, Anna Marie Hahn, and Robert Vernon Lyons. Includes Police Department files.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-90-1.

Hamilton County (Ohio). Courthouse and Jail.
Bonds, 1913-1943, for construction.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-95-2.

Hamilton County (Ohio).  Coroner Morgue records
Morgue or death records for the years 1887 through 1930.
Accession No.: ON-73-38a.
Digital Collection

Hamilton County. Springfield Township.
Records, 1849-1929, of township administration.
9.00 lin. ft.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession No.: ON-98-1.

Minutes, 1972-1975, of the Middletown, Ohio City Commission. Minutes of the City of Middletown, including boards, commissions, and councils, 2000-2008.
Accession Numbers:  ON-80-01, ON-81-04, ON-09-01, ON-13-01

Remus,George, Tax Case.  Hamilton County, Clerk of Courts, Court of Common Pleas.
Records from the George Remus Tax Case.
Accession Nos.: ON-80-24.

Warren County. Board of Education.
Records, 1887-1976, including minutes, register of teachers, correspondence, annual reports, enumerations, scrapbooks, and photographs.
Finding aid available at ARB.
Accession Nos.: ON-85-6, ON-88-2.