Neil Armstrong: Engineer, Pilot, Astronaut, Teacher; the Neil Armstrong Commemorative Website

Neil Armstrong teaching at the UC College of Engineering, in 1974

Neil Armstrong teaching at the UC College of Engineering, in 1974

Did you know that Neil Armstrong was a professor at the University of Cincinnati after being the first man to walk on the moon?

To further preserve Armstrong’s accomplishments and specifically celebrate his years from 1971-1979 as a professor and researcher in aerospace engineering at the university, the UC Libraries created a dynamic commemorative website.

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CEAS Library celebrates National Library Week 2013

The week of April 14-20, 2013, the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library joins libraries in schools, campuses and communities nationwide in celebrating National Library Week, a time to highlight the value of libraries, librarians and library workers.

Libraries today are more than repositories for books and other resources. As the heart of the campus, community, or school, libraries are deeply committed to the places where their users live, work and study.

Librarians work with students, faculty, small business owners, the public and many others to discover what their communities needs are and meet them. Whether through offering e-books and technology classes, materials for English-language learners, programs for job seekers or those to support early literacy, librarians listen to the community they serve, and they respond.

The CEAS Library serves the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science by providing an extensive research collection of 180,000+ Books, 70,000+ E-Books, 35,000+ E-Journals, as well as Expert Reference assistance, Study Spaces, a beautiful Reading Room and Art Collection, and an Info Commons computing space.

Engineering Library (now CEAS Library), ca. 1938.

Engineering Library (now CEAS Library), ca. 1938.

The CEAS Library is celebrating National Library Week with a special display on the History of the Library as well as items authored by Alumni and Faculty of the College.

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April.

For more information, visit the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library at the University of Cincinnati, 850 Baldwin Hall, call 513-556-1550 or see the library’s Web site:

CEAS Library celebrates National Engineers Week (EWeek)


EWeek display in Reference Area

Celebrate Awesome!  is the 2013 theme for National Engineers Week, also known as EWeek.  The College of Engineering and Applied Science Library is celebrating EWeek with some special displays.


Enjoy a variety of books on engineering careers, on display in our reference area.

EWeek display



EWeek display






For even more resources, refer to our Reference Guide on careers in engineering:

CEAS Student Tribunal is hosting a number of fun and informative events this week: or on Twitter: @UC_EWeek

CEAS student wins in Knovel University Challenge

Zach Evans

Zach Evans, winner in the Knovel University Challenge

Zach Evans, a senior majoring in chemical engineering (CEAS), is one of the weekly winners in the Knovel University Challenge

This challenge requires students to research engineering and science questions using the e-books and property databases that are part of the Knovel system.  Zach correctly answered all questions, and was thrilled when he was announced as one of the winners. 

Zach began using Knovel at the advice of one of his chemical engineering professors, and he looks forward to using Knovel to answer future research questions.

Fire Protection, Optics/Photonics, Welding : New Knovel E-Books

Three new subject areas are now available via UC’s subscription to the Knovel e-book and e-data resource.  (All links will prompt for your UC Central Login when off-campus)

Note: once you access a link, scroll down to view a list of included titles.

Knovel contains e-books and interactive data sets for science, engineering, and related areas: sustainable energy, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and operations management.

CEAS Library – September 2012 New Books

Enjoy CEAS Library‘s September 2012 list of print and online books in engineering, technology, and related disciplines:

Sample volume from Elsevier book seriesThis month’s featured resource: New “archive” online access back to volume 1 for Elsevier book series in engineering, physics, and astronomy (over 1,000 volumes!).

New book lists from the previous 12 months available at

Dr. H. J. Heimlich Project: Working with Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong’s recent death has brought him and his work back into the spotlight once again. Much attention is rightfully paid to his great accomplishments as an astronaut, especially the Apollo program and his walk on the moon. He has been called an “American Hero” more times than anyone count but despite all of that grandeur, in his own mind Armstrong remained “…a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer, born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace and propelled by compressible flow”. 1

The HARP Group: Neil Armstrong, George Rieveschl, Henry Heimlich and Edward Patrick.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Grace

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Discover Experimental Techniques: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE)

Journal of Visualized Experiments

Through a shared subscription of the College of Engineering and Applied Science Library and Health Sciences Library, UC researchers now have have access to the online Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE).  JOVE consists of “video articles” that capture biological, medical, chemical, and physical research and experimental techniques.

Our subscription includes 3 sections:

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