Cecil Striker: The Author

By: Mary Kroeger Vuyk

Besides serving the community as a physician and participating in countless committees, organizations, and societies, Dr. Cecil Striker also found time to write. As one would expect, many of Striker’s articles, such as “The Evolution of Our Table”, “Diabetes Mellitus”, and “Soliloquy on Diabetes”, covStrikerer the disease he devoted his life to. But, as a sign that he was as passionate about his hobbies as he was about his profession, Dr. Striker also wrote about a variety of other subjects. As a medical history buff, Striker researched and wrote articles such as “John Shaw Billings 1838-1913″, “A Letter to Daniel Drake, M.D.”, and “History of the Academy of Medicine 1951-1952” . As an avid collector, he wrote “Ex Libris and the Physician” and “Medical Medallions”. Besides providing access to over 50 journal articles (including drafts, edits, and notes), this archival collection also contains numerous published and unpublished manuscripts authored by Striker. While those familiar with Dr. Striker may recognize his published titles Medical Portraits and Famous Faces in Diabetes, few will be familiar with History of the American Diabetes Association – 1940 to 1970. Striker’s correspondence reveals that he was initially reluctant to take on this endeavor but was eventually persuaded to do so. Since Striker was the founder of the American Diabetes Association, I can only presume that this was a labor of love. Despite ten years of work, numerous edits, several drafts, and three manuscripts, Striker was never able to get this work published.

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