And the Winners Are: Library Research Contest Results

Friday Challenge Winner:
Madhavun Candadai

Madhavun used the library catalog to find the book and searched its contents to find the answer to the question.

Grand Prize Winner:
Raj Kapadia


Our virtual Oscar: a librarian action figure

Throughout the week Raj demonstrated proficiency with the library catalog as his preferred search tool. Indeed, if used efficiently, the catalog can provide you with a lot of information and unlock many useful sources.
Raj also used Google Books to search for the text in the book. This is a wonderful research tool for finding text fragments, especially for books not available electronically in the UC collection.

See the names of other winners in our earlier post.

Congratulations, winners!

Many thanks to all the students who took part in the contest!

Good luck with your exams and have a great summer!


Category: UC Libraries

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