The Winkler Center Celebrates National Archives Month!

October is American Archives Month! To celebrate, The Winkler Center presents new finding aids!

An original drawing from the Mary Maciel Archival Collection

Charles Dair Aring Archival Collection: An internationally known neurologist, Dr. Aring began his career at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 1919 at the age of 15 when he was hired as an “office boy” by Dean Bachmeyer. He graduated from the College of Medicine in 1929 and became the first resident to train in neuropsychiatry in Cincinnati. During his career, he formed two neurology departments, one at the University of California and the other at the University of Cincinnati where he served as professor and department chairman from 1948 to 1974.

Gunter Grupp Archival Collection: This collection focuses on the history of the University of Cincinnati Department of Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics and its influential staff members from 1946 to 2008.

Henry J. Heimlich Archival Collection: The collection was donated to the Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions by Dr. Henry J. Heimlich in 2011. The collection consists of photographs, audiovisual material, correspondence, notes, reports and press information concerning Dr. Heimlich’s work on the reversed gastric tube procedure, the Heimlich maneuver, the Heimlich lung valve, the Heimlich micro-trach and malariotherapy as treatment for cancer, HIV/AIDS and Lyme disease.

Harold Hiatt Archival Collection: This Collection consists of papers and photographs from Dr. Hiatt’s time at the University of Cincinnati Department of Psychiatry.

Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati Archival Collection: This collection includes meeting minutes, hospital regulations, reports, correspondence, financial information, brochures, newspaper clippings and notes on the management on the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati from 1881 through 1980.

Mary Maciel Archival Collection: Mary Maciel was a medical illustrator who trained at Johns Hopkins University Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. While there, she studied under Max Brödel who is commonly thought of as the father of modern medical illustration. After school Maciel spent most of her career in Cincinnati. The collection includes her original drawings, some original drawings by Max Brödel, Maciel’s art supplies and reference books.

Ransohoff Family Archival Collection: This collection includes papers, photographs, realia and books on professional and personal aspects of the highly influential Ransohoff and Weiss families from 1906 to 1996.

Eugene L. Saenger Archival Collection: Eugene Saenger was a professor and physician at the University of Cincinnati. A graduate of Harvard University, Saenger was a pioneer in radiation research and nuclear medicine He is best known for the whole-body radiation experiments he conducted on cancer patients during the 1960s and early 1970s. The collection includes correspondence, articles and reports relating to Saenger’s work with the Whole-Body Radiation experiments.

Stanely B. Troup Archival Collection: Stan Troup was a former senior vice president at the University of Cincinnati and director of the UC Medical Center for over seven years. After stepping down as director of the Medical Center, Dr. Troup became a professor of medicine at the University of Cincinnati until 1998 and continued teaching for several years as a professor emeritus. The collection includes awards, certificates, photographs and books.

Whole Body Radiation Study Archival Collection: A series of bound volumes of correspondence, notes and reports on the Whole Body Radiation experiments conducted at the University of Cincinnati by Dr. Eugene Saenger and his colleagues.

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